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Star Tribune

Colin Covert

Minnesota-made 'Cold November,' a female-oriented hunting movie, is right on target


"Karl Jacob's deftly layered "Cold November" is a simple, quietly rewarding Minnesota wilderness story...

Jacob presents the area and its people as oft-overlooked and underappreciated. He reveals them in ways that are richly embroidered with character and small-town details."

"There's a tone of matter-of-fact realism here that includes real deer being gutted and skinned, not the sort of thing the Humane Society favors, but a hard truth. It's as real as the scenes of the family sharing stories in the sauna, jumping into the near-freezing lake and howling in delighted agony...That attention to life's detail is what makes "Cold November" one of those low-budget, come-out-of-nowhere films that is a good surprise."


Screen Rant

Sandy Schaefer

Cold November Review: A Quietly Powerful Coming of Age Tale


"Karl Jacob's Cold November, [is] a quietly powerful work that has shades of films like Winter's Bone and Hanna, yet tells its story in a way that's wholly its own. Cold November forgoes convention in order to explore a young woman's experience growing up in a way that packs a subtle, yet lasting punch."



Karl Jacob


Violence Beyond the Movies: Why This Filmmaker Loves Guns and Doesn’t Support the NRA


Director Karl Jacob pens a piece about gun ownership in the United States that shines a light on the inspiration for Cold November.


Film Threat

Bobby LePire

Featured Review


"Across the board, the acting from everyone is superb. Young Abas, with just one other credit to her name besides Cold November, gives a nuanced and believable performance as Florence."

"As a director, Jacob creates a haunting yet affectionate atmosphere, which plays well into Florence’s conflicted feelings. As things ramp up, the isolation and chaos surrounding the young protagonist fit neatly with the jaw-dropping cinematography of North America’s naturally beautiful landscapes."




Hollywood in Todo

Laura Carno

‘Cold November’ Shatters Hollywood Hunting Stereotypes

" 'Cold November' relates to the gun as a normal part of life. The glamorization of firearms in movies and their demonization on the nightly news ignore this very normal and historical role of guns: a tool.

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, “Cold November” shows what an independent film can do when left alone to tell a story that is highly relatable outside of Hollywood."


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